Brazil is developing an ambitious programme of sports megaevents

LERI NATAU Partnership

LERI NATAU Partnership

After the staging of the Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2007, the programme will continue with the hosting of the 2014 Football World Cup. The 12 host cities will have the support of the Federal Government of Brazil in building the necessary infrastructure to hold the event. In addition, Brazil will also host the 2016 Military Olympic Games and is a candidate for the 2016 Olympic Games or, if unsuccessful in that year, for the following ones.

In this highly favourable context for Brazilian sport, with all its environmental, social, economic, spatial and cultural implications, a new project of international research cooperation has been established.

The London East Research Institute (LERI) of the University of East London in the UK and the Architectural and Urban Technology Research Nucleus of the University of São Paulo (NUTAU/USP) in Brazil have set up a partnership to develop joint research into the socio-economic, cultural and environmental impacts of sports megaevents with a view to helping the public sector to plan, implement and manage the infrastructures necessary for such events, conceived as part of a project of urban regeneration in the context of a process of sustainable development

The agreement has been signed by Professor Gavin Poynter, Chair of LERI, on behalf of LERI, and by Professor Bruno Roberto Padovano, Scientific Coordinator of NUTAU/USP on behalf of NUTAU/USP.

The research will be coordinated by Dr. Iain MacRury, Alvaro de Miranda and Prof. Andrew Blake on behalf of LERI and by Professor Lamartine DaCosta on behalf NUTAU/USP.

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