Paralympic Legacies

One of our UEL colleagues, Professor Kieth Gilbert, Director of the Centre for Sport, Disability & Health, is a world leading expert on the Paralympic Games, and is currently working with the United States Olympic Committee for London 2012.

A recent work he co-edited with David Legg, is the book Paralympic Legacies which reviews issues around the legacy of various Paralympic Games, including a chapter on “Paralympic City Legacies.” The area of Paralympic Games legacies is an important part of any Olympic legacy discussion, however it is one that is often overlooked. Hopefully Paralympic Legacies will help to address the importance of this area for future host cities of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Below is the blurb form the book:

“Legacy remains one of the most important issues relating to multisport mega-events across the globe and it could be argued that the development of legacy is one of the most urgent imperatives in elite sport. In this regard the Paralympics is no exception to the quest for long term legacy; however, little in the way of documentation appears to be forthcoming from the International Paralympic Committee in this regard. This book reviews the concept of legacy across previous Paralympic Games by providing a series of chapters under the headings of ‘The Paralympic Legacy Debate’, ‘Paralympic City Legacies’, ‘Emerging Issues of Paralympic Legacy’ and ‘Reconceptualising Paralympic Legacies’. The issues arising are discussed in terms of a meta-analysis of the authors work and offer interesting ideas which if taken up by the International Paralympic Committee, International Olympic Committee, Bid Committees, OCOG’s and major sports could change the face of Paralympic legacy towards the positive forever.”

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