UEL Student Olympic Research

UEL recently conducted their very successful inaugural student researcher internship programme, which saw over 50 undergraduate interns work on a diverse range of research projects across all schools. Eliza-Jane Corson, under the supervision of Dr. Virginia Lam in the school of Psychology conducted research into children’s national identity in the anticipation of the London 2012 Olympic Games. She writes:

“This will be the third time that the Olympics is held in London after some 60 years (since 1948). The unique opportunity to research children’s national identity in the run-up to a largescale once-in-a-lifetime event such as the 2012 Games will provide invaluable insights into how life-changing occasions may have a bearing on aspects of child development. In this period, the media, schools and other sources all offer children the exposure to other countries and cultural groups.

Research (Barrett, 2005, 2007) has shown that children can derive national knowledge as well as positive and negative stereotypes from these sources. The children in this study, from a highly diverse catchment next to the Olympic site, are no exception. Participating schools had been holding events with ‘Olympic’ themes to raise awareness of the occasion. We are particularly interested in the extent to which different groups (e.g., age, gender, ethnic, socio-economic birthplace) of children identify with being ‘British’ and perceive British people versus people from other countries.”

See the link below for the full summary of research:

UEL Olympics poster EJC – Final Version

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