Olympics Edition of Sociology

In October 2011, SAGE publishing dedicated the edition of their Sociology journal to the topic of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This timely edition covers topics from sociological approaches to the spectacle of the games, to questions around sustainable development, regeneration and legacy.

The current edition of the journal can be found here.

From the Editor’s Foreword:

“In 2012, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be hosted by London. This event provides Sociology, the flagship journal of the British Sociological Association, with an opportunity (in this special issue), to showcase the very best of British sociology for and to an international audience, and to bring international sociological work to the UK sociological community. In short, Sociology, like the 2012 Olympics, combines a global audience and a British setting.
The 2012 London Olympic Games provide an exciting focus for sociological analyses of the personal and public, local and global. This special issue of Sociology contributes timely theoretical, empirical and methodological reflections on the sociological interest and significance of this global event in both UK and comparative context. It brings
together a variety of strong contributions from across the field of sociology, demonstrating the ways in which the discipline is uniquely placed in relation to understanding contemporary processes and events.”

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