Legacy and failed Olympic bids – article

A recent article (available in the public domain) discusses the implications of legacy outcomes and aspirations for cities whose bids to host the Olympic games have failed. Titled “On the Merit of the Legacy of Failed Olympic Bids”, it is written by Dr. Cesar Torres, from the State University of New York:


Olympic legacy has become a dominant theme within the Olympic Movement.
For decades, legacy concerns were confined to the hosting of the Olympic Games.
However, these concerns have been recently extended to the bidding process
itself. Cities bidding for the Olympic Games are now required to identify their
legacy regardless of the outcome of their bids. This paper explores the merits of
extending legacy discourse in case bids failed. It contends that the extension of
legacy discourse into failed bids, at least as typically articulated in Olympic
circles, is problematic. It also contends that failed bids should be seen themselves
as a form of legacy worth recognizing and protecting.

To read the full paper, please click here.

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