Symposium Rio-London

By all accounts our UEL colleagues are having a wonderful time at the Megaevents Symposium being held in Rio. The event:

Simposio Rio-Londres: Cidades Olympicas & Painel Interuniversidades e Cidades Bases dos Megaeventos Esportivos 2013, 2014, e 2016, is taking place on the 29th and 30th of April.

The main reason for this joint hosted event – the Symposium & Panel –  lies in the fact that the 2016 Games will create 100,000 direct jobs and 80,000 volunteers in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the FIFA World Cup 2014 (12 host cities) and other similar events, such as the Workers World Games 2013, will generate jobs directly and indirectly throughout Brazil, with a total estimated at about 3.5 million job opportunities.

The University of East London (United Kingdom) – UEL, and the Center for Research in Technology of Architecture and Urban Planning (University of São Paulo / Brazil) – NUTAU / USP Universidade Gama Filho – UGF (Rio de Janeiro / Brazil), have come together in order to contribute to the solution of problems of technical knowledge and employability, and legacies, urban development and impacts of these types of events on cities.

For more information please click here.

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