Professor Gavin Poynter: 

Professor Gavin PoynterGavin Poynter is Chair, London East Research Institute (LERI) and Professor of Social Sciences at the University of East London. He has widely published on ‘London 2012’, the economics of the service industries and urban regeneration. He has completed several studies on the East London region, including for the London Assembly, central government and local boroughs. His most recent book publication (with Dr I. MacRury eds.) is ‘Olympic Cities and the remaking of London’ (Ashgate Press, September 2009). His ‘From Beijing to Bow Bells’ was published in Portuguese by the Ministerio do Esporte, Brazil as part of that government’s analysis of major sporting events and their socio‐economic legacies. He co‐authored ‘A Lasting Legacy?’, a report for the GLA (2007) on ‘London 2012’ and is currently working on a new publication that focuses upon London’s economy in the wake of the credit crunch and the global economic recession.


Professor Lamartine DaCosta

Professor Lamartine DaCostaDoutor em Filosofia, professor do Mestrado e Doutorado em Educação Física da Universidade Gama Filho (UGF), onde dirige desde 1992 o Grupo de Pesquisas em Estudos Olímpicos UGF; autor e co-autor de 40 livros sobre Educação Física, Esporte e Lazer; ex-membro do Conselho de Pesquisa do Centro de Estudos Olímpicos do Comitê Olímpico Internacional (COI) em Lausanne e da World Anti-Doping Agencyem Montreal; ex-professor visitante da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Portugal), e da Universidade Autônoma de Barcelona (Espanha). Atualmente é palestrante da Academia Olímpica Internacional (Grécia) e professor visitante da University of East London (Reino Unido) e da Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Lamartine DaCosta holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Universidade Gama Filho (Rio de Janeiro). He is full Professor at the Post Graduate school of physical education at Universidade Gama Filho, where he has been leading the Research Group in Olympic Studies since 1992. He is also author and co-author of more than 40 books on physical education, sports and recreation. He is a former member of the Research Council of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne, and of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Montreal. He was visiting professor at Universidade do Porto (Portugal), at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Portugal), at Universidade Autônoma de Barcelona (Spain). To date he is Speaker at the International Olympic Academy (Greece) and visiting professor at Universidade do Porto (Portugal) and at University of East London (UK).

Dr. Iain MacRury

Dr. Iain MacRury is Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences and Reader in Cultural Sociology at University of East London. He is Director of the London East Research Institute. He is author and editor of a number of books including Olympic Cities:2012 and the Remaking of London. He has worked on urban regeneration and Olympic legacy projects for London Assembly, OECD, Department of Communities and Local  Government and Newham Council and was contributor to the OGI phase II project and ELL2012 archive project. He has enjoyed sharing and developing ideas with colleagues in Brazil and China. Alongside work on urban regeneration an mega  event legacies, he works on theories and analysis of branding, culture, social media and other media topics, publishing  Advertising (Routledge 2009) and The Advertising Handbook  (Routledge 2009), The Dynamics of Advertising (Harwood 2000) and Buy this Book: Studies in Advertising and  Consumption (Routledge 1997).

Professor Bruno Roberto Padovano

Professor Bruno Roberto PadovanoProfessor Bruno Roberto Padovano, Ph.D., is an associate professor at FAUUSP, the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he teaches from 1978 onwards. He is currently the Scientific Coordinator at NUTAU – Nucleus of Research in Technology of Architecture and Urbanism, where he supports research in different areas, such as ‘Legacy of Sport Mega-events’, that is being developed in conjuction with LERI – London East Research Laboratory of the University of East London.

After graduation at FAUUSP in 1973, Padovano received two Masters’ degrees from the Graduate Scool of Design at Harvard University (1975 and 1977), and produced his doctoral thesis on the issue of ‘Urban Landscape Legibility’ in Sao Paulo (1987), and his a ssociate professor thesis on ‘Globalization and Architecture: the experience of designing in China’ (2007).

He has developed a large number of architectural and urban design projects in Brazil and in China and won several public competitions for public buildings and urban spaces in Brazil. Padovano was the cultural curator of the 8th BIA – International Biannual of Architecture of Sao Paulo (2009) and the founding member and president of the Institute of Advanced Design IDEA, from 1992 to 2002. He is currently writing a book on ‘Sao Paulo: Sustainable Megacity’, to be published in 2011.

Dr. Keith Gilbert

Dr. Keith Gilbert is a full Professor in the School of Health, Sport & Bioscience at the University of East London and Director of the Centre for Sport, Disability & Health. He researches in the area of sport sociology [which includes opening up many areas of research innovation] and sports management. He also has a strong interest in the management of disability sport with his main focus on the Paralympic Movement and has an intense interest in qualitative, interpretive and narrative research methodologies.

His current research interests include the exploration of the sociological dimensions of sport management, sport and the environment, sport and corporate social responsibility, Olympic and Paralympic legacy and sport for peace and development and other Paralympic research.

Keith was the Assistant Chef de Mission [Administration] of the Australian Paralympic Team in Sydney 2000 and continues to maintain a healthy relationship with Australian, British and international sports organisations such as the United Nations Sport for Peace & Development group [UNSPD], International Paralympic Committee, [IPC] , IOC and several International Sports Federations. He was awarded an Australian Prime Ministers medal for his work prior to and at the Sydney 2000 Games and he is currently working with the United States Olympic Committee for London 2012 and beyond. He worked tirelessly to ease the USOC team into London and established the relationship which the University of East London now enjoys. Keith has attended four Olympics and two Paralympic Games in differing capacities from researcher to manager. He organised the University of East London’s visit to the Beijing Olympic Games for a six week period and is on the UEL Olympic and Paralympic committee where he has assisted in the organisation of various activities and events involving LOCOG, BPA, USOC, ASICS and Singapore teams.

Prof. Allan Brimicombe

Professor Allan Brimicombe is a Chartered Geographer and Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is Head of the Centre for Geo-Information Studies (CGIS) at UEL. He and his CGIS colleague Dr Yang Li have to date project managed or been an investigator on five projects arising out of the London 2012 Games. Because of the complexity of evaluating impacts and legacies of mega-events such as the Olympics, all five projects involve multi-disciplinary teams from across UEL.

Olympic Games Impact (OGI) studies are mandated by the IOC in order to monitor the effects and legacies of each Games. London 2012 is the first summer Games to be subjected to OGI. UEL was commissioned in 2009 by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) to carry out the Pre-Games OGI covering the period 2003-2010. This was completed in October 2010 and is available at:

Whilst managing this project, Professor Brimicombe was also conducting research with UEL’s Centre for Institutional Studies on the ‘Stratford City’ study. This was commissioned by NHS Newham to advise on the principles and practices for creating and maintaining a healthy ‘Stratford City’ which will be the legacy of the Athlete’s Village for London 2012. In October 2011, Professor Brimicombe and Dr Li were part of Westfield Opening Observation Exercise commissioned by the Olympic Development Authority. The objective was to study the readiness of the transport system, particularly Stratford Regional Station for the London 2012 Games. The occasion used was the opening of a large shopping centre adjacent to the Olympic Park which attracted large crowds and was an opportunity to study what might be a realistic scenario for spectators of the Games.

More recently Professor Brimicombe and the OGI team have been conducting a Value Study of the £9.3bn public sector financing of the London 2012 Games for LOCOG. This will be reported on in April/May 2012. Finally, the same team led by Professor Brimicombe have just been awarded the Games-Time OGI study which will be completed by December 2012.

Patrícia Bertacchini

Ph.D. Coordinator of Logistics at the Nucleus of Research in Technology of Architecture and Urban Design of the University of São Paulo (NUTAU/USP)

Professor Ana Miragaya

Ana MariaAna Miragaya holds a PhD in physical education in the area of Olympic Studies from Universidade Gama Filho (UGF, Rio de Janeiro), a Master’s degree in physical education (UGF) and a Master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington). She is a former professor at UGF, grant holder of the Postgraduate Research Grant Program of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Studies Center (Lausanne, Switzerland) and guest participant of the 8th International Session for Educators and Officials of Higher Institutes of Physical Education at the International Olympic Academy (Olympia, Greece). Ana Miragaya is an active member of the Brazilian Olympic Academy and of the Research Group on Olympic Studies of UGF. She has edited several books including ‘Worldwide Experiences and Trends in Sport for All’, ‘Atlas of Sports in Brazil’, ‘University and Olympic Studies’, ‘Legacies of Sports Mega-events’ and ‘Olympic Studies Reader 1st volume’. She is now working on the second volume of the ‘Olympic Studies Reader’.

Dr Valérie Viehoff

Viehoff_bwValérie Viehoff is a Research Fellow at the University of East London. She studied Geography and Comparative Literature in Germany (Bonn and Mainz), France (Dijon) and completed her PhD at University College London (UK). Her main research interests lie in urban geography, urban development and sporting mega-events and she previously worked on issues of water supply systems and provision of urban infrastructure, nature and society and (urban) political ecology with a regional focus on Western Europe and North Africa.  Before joining UEL Valérie Viehoff worked as a lecturer at the University of Cologne. Her current research projects include a comparative study of the plans and realities of a sustainable long-term use of the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village based on Munich 1972, Barcelona 1992 and London 2012. For this project she and her colleague Dr. Holger Kretschmer (University of Cologne) have been awarded a postgraduate research grant by the International Olympic Committee. Dr Valérie Viehoff used to row for the German national team and won a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

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