Rio 2008

Dr. Iain MacRury & Alvaro de Miranda speak in Rio

Prof. Alvaro de Miranda & Dr. Iain Macrury

Dr. Iain Macrury & Alvaro de Miranda

Alvaro de Miranda

Following invitations from the Brazilian ministry of sports, and as part of a series of visits between UEL and Brazilian sports organisations, political leaders and academics in Rio De Janeiro, Iain MacRury and Alvaro de miranda, of London East Research Institute, gave invited plenary lectures on London 2012 and mega event legacies – drawing on LERI’s growing body of work on London 2012 and East London.

The seminar, which took place May 2nd to May 5th 2008 was entitled Seminaro Gestao de legados de megaeventos Esportivo. The organisers, lead by University Gamma Filho’s Professor Lamartine da Costa, brought international speakers to Rio to discuss mega events and aspects of urban change.The 2014 World Cup final is likely to be in Rio de Janeiro, with the 2014 FIFA tournament to be hosted in 12 cities across Brazil. Rio is a strong candidate to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Rio has recently hosted the Pan American Games

Iain MacRury, Director of LERI said: “The commitment of the Brazilian Ministry to engaging with academic input and ideas around ‘legacy’ made this excellent seminar event possible. This was a good opportunity to share ideas about mega events and urban change. This seminar used Gavin Poynter’s ‘From Beijing to Bow Bells‘ to introduce the themes and issues arising for cities that host the Olympic Games. Like Brazil, the UK is committed to hosting and bidding for a number of future events. Mega event strategies form a key component in city planning. We have taken some valuable lessons from Brazil.”

A number of future collaborations with Brazilian partners are planned.

The papers from this conference were published as a book by the Brazilian Ministry of Sport:Legados de Megaeventos Esportivos

View the presentation delivered by Alvaro de Miranda: Sport mega-events and urban regeneration

View the presentation delivered by Dr. Iain MacRury: Olympic Legacy: Social and Cultural Regeneration (presentation), and read the full paper: Olympic Legacy: Social and Cultural Regeneration (full paper)

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