Rio 2007

In July 2007,  SESI  (SErviço Social da Indústria), the social and cultural arm of the Brazilian equivalent of the CBI, initiated a project entitled Values in Sport designed to encourage the participation of workers in sport.  The project was launched at a 3-day conference held from t he 18th. to 21st.  July at the headquarters of the Federation of the Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The conference was attended by 150 business leaders, sports specialists and athletes who discussed methods of incorporating the values of sport in the day to day life of the enterprise.

An adviser to the SESI project was Professor Lamartine DaCosta of Rio de Janeiro’s Gama Filho University who also addressed the conference, characterizing sport as a pedagogic instrument which develops personality and team spirit, important qualities in business activities . A keynote  foreign speaker at the  conference was Dr. Iain MacRury,  Director of the London East Research Institute (LERI)  who delivered a presentation entitled  London 2012: Values, Reconnections and Transformations

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