São Bernardo 2010

Brasil 2016: A Olímpiada e os Impactos Desejados nas Políticas Públicas de Esporte e Lazer das Cidades Brasilieras|Brazil 2016: The Desired Impact of the Olympics on Sports and Leisure Public Policy in Brazilian

9º Seminario Nacional De Políticas Públicas de Esporte e Lazer, 24-27 March, 2010|9th National Seminar on Sports and Leisure Public Policy


John Lock, Director of UEL’s London 2012 Office, was invited to speak at this conference by the National Secretary, National Development Secretariat of Sports and Leisure, Ministry of  Sport, the sponsors of this annual event.  His talk was themed around:

  • organisational approach to the 2012 Games and to the planned Legacy
  • political attitudes to the London Games in the UK and different policy viewpoints
  • public / private sector perspectives including local, regional and national dimensions
  • particular aspects which offer opportunities for future research.

The talk was entitled Londres 2012 e Política nas Nações Olímpicas | London 2012 Games and Policy in Olympic Nations

The conference was held at the Methodist University, São Bernardo do Campo, a city of around 800,000 inhabitants in Greater São Paulo, the largest conurbation in Brazil one of the largest in the world.   São Bernardo has some similarities with East  London.  Both have had significant immigration and both have been centres of manufacturing, particularly cars, experiencing restructuring. East London, though, has de-industrialised to a greater extent and has a more diverse population.  Both are areas whose connection to an urban centre of global importance is central to their sustainability.

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