Mega Event Cities

Cities across the globe are using mega events to catalyse urban development and social, economic and cultural change. Here we present insights and analysis of these events, examining their impact upon city-building and exploring their contribution to the design and shaping of place. Our research is policy focused and practical. Our approach is focused upon the social impacts and legacies of mega events. We use interdisciplinary analysis to discover new ways of comparing and thinking about the mega event city.

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This web site has arisen from a partnership between the University of East London, the Architectural and Urban Technology Research Nucleus of the University of São Paulo (NUTAU/USP) and Gama Filho University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. London (2012) and Rio de Janeiro (2016) are Olympic Cities and our respective nations have or intend to host other major sporting events in future years. Each partner has links with other universities in many cities across the globe. Whilst inspired by this partnership, the website is designed to include essays, working papers and articles from our colleagues, researchers and policy makers located across the world.

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