Submitted Publications

The following are publications that have been submitted to us and which we consider relevant and worth disseminating:

Antje Kunze,  Jan Halatsch, Carlos Vanegas, Martina Maldaner Jacobi,
Benamy Turkienicz, Gerhard Schmitt (2011) ‘A Conceptual Participatory Design Framework for Urban Planning

The paper reflects upon the necessity for community engagement, the tools required to facilitate this and planning as an iterative process – these are very important insights  arguing a very persuasuve case for ‘democratising’ urban development and engaging with communities”. Gavin Poynter 20/09/2011 

Five short articles by Maulik Bansal (2011), an urban designer who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. His Master’s thesis was on the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His work can be found at

1. “Exclusive Identities or Inclusive Legacies: Objectives of Mega Events

2. “The Olympic Games Legacy: from Unity to Identity

3. “Making Sense of Rio de Janeiro: Developing Contextual Paradigms for Olympic Villages

4. “Inclusive Development for Rio 2016 – a way forward

5. “The Olympic Juggernaut hits Rio de Janiero: is there a compelling new story?”

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