Learning from History – Barcelona 20 Years On (Oct 2012)

29th October 2012: Learning from History – Barcelona 20 Years On

UEL Seminar Series – Beyond ‘2012’: the Olympics and the Regeneration of East London

This seminar draws upon the lessons from Barcelona 1992 twenty years on. It situates hosting the Olympics in the context of urban transformation and examines long term strategies for urban change, including analysing the role of public institutions and private enterprise in its creation and delivery.

Guest Speakers:

Berta Cerezuela

Berta Cerezuela is Head of Projects at the Centre d’Estudis Olímpics i de l’Esport at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is the main researcher in the IOC-sponsored project of creating an International Database on Olympic Education Initiatives. Her work deals with the intangible legacies of Olympic Games, with a special interest in the documentation of mega-events such as the Olympic Games as well as the educational aspects of Olympism.

She is co-author of the IOC publication Olympic Education: experiences and documents (2008) and made major contributions to and co-edited the recent UAB publication An Olympic Mosaic. Multidisciplinary Research and Dissemination of Olympic Studies: CEO-UAB: 20 Years (2012).

Prof. Francesc  Muñoz

Francesc Muñoz is professor of Urban Geography and director of the Urban Planning Observatory at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A specialist in urban structuring and planning and design of territorial strategies, he has acted as an expert adviser to the Council of Europe and been a guest lecturer, for example in France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

His research deals with present-day transformation of urban and metropolitan landscapes, with a special focus on Barcelona and the transformative effects of mega-events. His most recent publication is urBANALización: paisajes comunes, lugares globales (UrBAN(AL)isation: Common Landscapes, Global Places (2008).


Prof. Iain MacRury

Iain MacRury is the Associate Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of East London and Director of the London East Research Institute (LERI). His interests cover social research on Mega-events, Olympic legacies and the policy and practice of urban/social regeneration as well as a wide area of aspects of Culture and Society. He will be one of the speakers at the LLDC lecture “Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: creating a thriving place” on 22nd November 2012.

His recent publications include Fictitious Capital: London after the Recession (2012) co-published with Gavin Poynter and Andrew Calcutt, Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London (2009) with Gavin Poynter and New Routledge Major Work: Advertising, Media and Culture, forthcoming in November 2012.


Some of the presentations from this seminar are available for download here:

Cerezuela_Managing the Intangible Olympic Legacy of Barcelona 1992

MacRury_Response_Legacy Momentum


If you would like to find out more about this seminar, please have a look at this THINKPIECE by Ralph Ward, summarising the presentations and the following discussion at this seminar: Ralph Ward_Thinkpiece on Barcelona 20 years on.

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