The Sustainable City (March 2013)

UEL Seminar Series

Beyond 2012: the Olympics and the Regeneration of East London

The Sustainable City: Challenges and Opportunities in East London

3rd Seminar:  20th March 2013, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Economic growth is intrinsic to policy ambitions for the economic and social renewal of East London, and the convergence of its living conditions with those offered elsewhere in the city. Managing the environmental impact of that growth however will be a major challenge. Currently the average resident of East London has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the London average. How can we decouple the economic growth we need from adverse environmental consequences we can no longer afford, and achieve growth sustainably?

This is a challenge but is also an opportunity. The huge scale of change anticipated in East London creates scope to embed new ways of doing things, in terms of development, but also in terms of personal behaviour and urban management. Existing infrastructure networks provide solid foundations on which to build. East London is already in the vanguard of policy awareness to develop a sustainable future for London, and the focus of initiatives to exploit the business opportunities which sustainable growth is beginning to generate.

Guest Speakers:

Bruce McVean

Bruce is an Integrated Design Manager and works as a consultant for Beyond Green, where he helped prepare a report for the Host Borough Unit on a strategic sustainability framework for East London. Bruce previously worked as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). He was responsible for developing and communicating CABE’s policies on sustainable design and climate change, public buildings, health and public space. Before that he managed a number of regeneration projects in Hackney and Lambeth while working as a consultant for Renaisi.

Samantha Heath

Samantha Heath is the Chief Executive of the London Sustainabilty Exchange, one of the most experienced and well established organisations working at a strategic level to promote sustainability in London. She was a member of the London Assembly from 2000-2004, during which time she was a member of the Transport Committee, chaired the Environment Committee and also co-chaired the London Sustainable Development Commission.


Prof. Allan Brimicombe

Professor Allan Brimicombe is Head of the Centre for Geo-Information Studies (CGIS) at UEL and he has been the lead researcher on various projects related to the London 2012 Games. Together with his CGIS colleague Dr Yang Li and teams of researchers from across UEL and other institutions, Professor Brimicombe has been conducting the Olympic Games Impact (OGI) studies, commissioned by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) on behalf of LOCOG. The OGI studies included, for instance, the Pre-Games OGI covering the period 2003-2010, a Value Study of the £9.3bn public sector financing of the London 2012 Games for LOCOG, and the Games-Time OGI study which was completed in December 2012.


London Legacy Development Corporation, Level 10, 1 Stratford Place, Montfichet Road, London E20 1EJ


Participation is free, but paces are limited. To book a place, please email Sue Isaac ( or Dr. Valerie Viehoff (


The presentations of the guest speakers are available to download here:

Bruce McVean_The Sustainable City_Challenges and Opportunities in East London

Samantha Heath_ The Sustainable City_East London Post 2012

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